western tech systems.

More than 70 million square feet of warehouse space is currently under construction in North Texas (that’s over 20 ATT Stadiums!) Built to meet the rise of the on-demand economy, these spaces are also the daily workplace for a growing portion of the population. Western Tech Systems’ new headquarters, refurbishment center, and warehouse facility rethinks the warehouse as an efficient but humane workplace and creates a visibly sustainable showcase of the company’s operations.

Maximizing the efficiency of space to minimize the use of resources was a key design and sustainability principle. The long, narrow proportions of the site result in uncharacteristically short end bays. The non-load bearing nature of these walls allowed for an alternative to the tilt-up concrete construction used for load-bearing walls. Cross-Laminated Timber (CLT) panels spanning between steel columns allow for glazing across the entire width of the entry façade, reduce the structure’s carbon footprint, and double as a warm, natural material visible on the interior. A sawtooth loading bay configuration reduces the pavement needed for truck access by 30% compared to their current facility. An interior mezzanine takes advantage of the high-bay warehouse volume and provides more flexible workspace for the owner’s growing business. Other sustainable features of the project include rooftop solar panels, an all-electric HVAC system and electric car chargers for 10% of the site’s parking spaces.

program: corporate offices, electronic hardware refurbishment, warehouse
status: under construction
owner: Western Tech Systems
general contractor: Spring Valley Construction Company
location: Lewisville, TX