morrell avenue.

The project brings quality housing at an affordable price to a community that has transit proximity and downtown connectivity, but which faces an affordable housing shortage.

Organized as a series of individual buildings stepping down the hillside toward a creek, the design integrates housing, community space and the natural landscape. Multi-gable rooflines and common front porches reference the surrounding context of single-family homes. Efficiency of design and construction to keep costs and rent rates low is a primary design driver. Limited unit types and repetitive planning of interior elements like casework and restrooms layouts simplify construction.

Amenities are strategically limited to encourage use of neighborhood resources such as the adjacent community center and nearby parks and academic buildings. Common areas are designed for maximum flexibility, open 24 hours, and are positioned at the corner of Morrell Avenue and the creek for visual connection to the street and access to nature. The primary outdoor pool and community patio centers on a 50’ tall Pecan Tree, a reminder of the opportunities for growth in the neighborhood.

location: Dallas, TX
program: multi-family housing
size: 153 units, 105,000 square feet
status: under construction
owner: Smart Living Residential
general contractor: Crimson Building Company