roanoke fields master plan.

With an estimated 250,000 baseball participants in the region, the DFW area lacks competitive baseball facilities. The project provides best-in-class competition facilities and a one-stop-shop for tournament participants, allowing the teams and their fans to stay, train, and play. Built in a flood plain formerly occupied by a cattle ranch, the fields are located to maintain as many of the existing trees as possible. Soil moved for the baseball fields is used to reclaim a portion of the site for a mixed-use development including a hotel, retail, restaurants, sports entertainment facility, sports performance training center, and concession stands.

The fields are open for use by local school districts during the week and a city park along the creek allows visitors to enjoy the natural condition of the site between games.

location: Roanoke, TX
program: mixed-use hotel, retail, training facility masterplan for competitive baseball complex
status: design
owner: confidential