offices of glen smith.

The spatial needs of the financial advisory industry encompass two very different conditions. On one hand, clients expect a calm, thoughtful, permanent, and tactile experience. This is in sharp contrast to the fast-paced, data-driven realm of the traders and advisors who manage the clients’ funds on a daily basis. Located in a walkable, mixed-use district, the program takes advantage of the small footprint of the site to separate these different conditions on two floors despite the modest program.

The public-facing spaces on the ground floor face north to bring consistent, indirect light into a series of independent conference rooms enriched with stone, wood and textured plastered walls, and high ceilings. The offices space on the second floor, by contrast, is a balance of small, glazed offices and open workstations.

location: Flower Mound, TX
program: office and conference space
status: completed 2023
owner: GDS Wealth Management
general contractor: Birch Construction