bloc house santa fe trail.

Bloc House Santa Fe Trail brings a new model of micro-unit apartments to Dallas designed to foster social interaction and promote a healthy lifestyle. Eschewing excessive private space in favor of common areas to create shared experiences, the project aims to build community internally and become a node of activity along the linear public space of the Santa Fe Trail.

Two blocks of units define a central courtyard organized to accommodate a variety of uses with a plunge pool, shaded seating space for outdoor working and dining, and an open lawn for fitness classes and movie screenings. Building circulation is carefully planned to bring residents through these amenity spaces, maximizing chance interactions between residents. A central pavilion with a coffee bar, community table, and co-working booths brings residents together with this hub of activity visible from the Santa Fe Trail. An outdoor lounge links this flexible gathering space to a fitness center and bike room with enough storage for more than half the units as well as bikes for rent.

location: Dallas, TX
program: multi-family housing, 90 units
status: design
owner: Bloc House