1317 botham jean.

Our design studio is in a single story building fronting Botham Jean Boulevard in the Cedars neighborhood south of Downtown Dallas. In its first life the building was a display showroom for the nearby Sears warehouse. It was most recently Bill’s Records and Tapes, a Dallas institution in the world of vinyl and live music. The design of the studio reflects this history as a display of design, architecture and music.

The entry functions as a retail storefront showcase for the architecture design process visible from the raised front patio and sidewalk, and acts a multi-use space for waiting guests, informal team meetings, reading and listening to music on the vinyl record player. The concrete waffle slab roof structure is kept visible throughout the space with freestanding conference rooms. These enclosed collaboration spaces are balanced on the opposite wall a continuous pin-up board adjacent to workstations and moveable worktables.

location: Dallas, TX
program: office
status: design
owner: Parscale Group